Call for artists/MAKERS

ArtsJunktion is looking for creative people to teach a day or evening Art Workshop at our depot. These workshops should be well organized and planned with an emphasis on, but not restricted to using repurposed materials and would take place in our new classroom space. We pay $536 for a full day workshop and $304 for a half-day or evening workshop. All materials will be supplied.  


Interested Art Educators should submit, in writing, a half page description of your workshop ideas including your teaching/facilitation experience and high-resolution photo or video of the proposed art.  If you are invited to present, we will need a photo for our advertising posters. ​Presenters should consider the following: What kind of workshop would you like to conduct? In the case of teacher workshops, what grade/age of student would your workshop be aimed at?

ArtsJunktion prioritizes employing diverse and differently-abled artists. Note that ArtsJunktion does not have an accessible building and if this is a barrier, we will work to find an alternate location for your workshop.

All candidates should be willing to work with ArtsJunktion’s Workshop Coordinator to plan the workshop, have experience/related experience working with children and/or teachers, and be available to conduct a full day workshop on a Monday or a Friday.



These workshops are designed to give teachers the necessary skills to create strong art programs in their classrooms that are in keeping with the provincial Arts Curriculum guide and the Sustainability Document. Teacher workshops could be planned for Early Years, Middle Years or Art Specialists. Some workshops might be geared towards all ages of students. All materials will be supplied.


ArtsJunktion regularly offers art workshops that are open to the community and usually have a focus on process, e.g. silk painting, creating mosaics, etc. These workshops usually go from 6:30-9:30PM and are fun for adults looking for a new art experience. 


These workshops are co-sponsored by the Manitoba Association for Art Education (MAAE) and are generally presented by artists who have already presented their workshop at the  provincial SAGE conference. These workshops are attended by teachers and by members of the community. They usually have a focus on process. Presenters can choose a focus age group (Early Years, Middle Years, Senior). 

Do you have an idea for teaching a workshop at ArtsJunktion? Write up your plan and submit it to us. We will be in touch to talk. Remember we love ideas that include using the materials in the depot. Proposals may be submitted at any time to Barb:  


312 William Ave

Winnipeg Mb,R3A 1P9

accepting donations by appointment on TUESDAYS AND ALTERNATING FRIDAYS




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