art for all

Your tax-receiptable contribution to ArtsJunktion helps marginalized children and families access pay-what-you-can art supplies and art workshops, AND supports the work of environmental sustainability through creative reuse and waste diversion. We depend on our monthly contributors, sponsors, and donors that together want to impact the arts and the environment.  Your gift supports the creative and community development of Winnipeg schools, organizations, and emerging artists.    

“ArtsJunktion is the perfect place for scrapbooking supplies. ...I’m changing my life around, you know. My partner and I want to start a family and we’re scrapbooking to hold our memories together. “-- Tia   

"ArtsJunktion helps people in different ways. You see everybody’s artwork and their creative ways and you get ideas. …it really helps with my mental health issues. It helps me feel more like I have a sense of place." -- Ashley  

ArtsJunktion's mission is to provide Tia, Ashley and everyone with opportunities for art.  We want to fundraise $5000 for a year of ArtHives, our bi-monthly, free community art program. ArtHives are a welcoming, safe space to reclaim, create, and be in community.  ArtsJunktion is committed to supporting and empowering all community members through artistic skill-development, workshops, creative reuse education, resource sharing, and pay-what-you-can art supplies.    


Just this month: 

  • ArtsJunktion helped Syrian refugees access sewing machines and fabric, paint, cameras and art paper.  

  • We taught 26 people of all ages how to weave at our free ArtHive workshop series.

  • We supplied a creative space for people with mental health issues to do art therapy.  

  • We agreed to adopt and implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action and have revised our mandate and policies to reflect this. 

  • We continue to provide meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities for people and artists in the queer community. 

  • We donated set and costume materials, supplies, and props to numerous Winnipeg Fringe Festival plays. 

  • We organized art supplies for the North End Women’s Resource Centre Family Day.  

  • We supplied heaps of materials for ArtCity’s Green Art Program and animal art installations.   

  • We taught 32 people how to book bind at our free ArtHive workshop series.   


And with your support, we can do more!