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What we do + faq






Our depot is full of reclaimed arts and crafts supplies, vintage items and more!

Materials are available take-what-you-need, pay-what-you-can.  We collect all sorts of art supplies from businesses, manufacturing companies, and individuals, thereby redirecting "waste" from the landfill. 


Learn, make, & explore creative reuse AND sustainable art practices WITH LOCAL ARTISTS 


Our workshops are fun, friendly and open to everyone!  We hire local artists (who are paid fair wages) to facilitate skill-developing workshops on various art techniques. 


Plus, our workshops are an ArtsJunktion Social Enterprise: grow your artistic abilities while supporting our work and investing in local artists!

Register for a workshop on our Upcoming Events page or contact  



Arthive Closeup

ArtHive is a welcoming, free, community art-making event. 


Bring friends, or be ready to make some new ones. Work on a project already in process or start a new one. Access Artsjunktion’s fabulous warehouse of materials and benefit from the wisdom and creativity of others while we share in community, conversation and ideas. 

Mix it uP

Partner with US TO HOST your own ART-based

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ArtsJunktion presents

“Mix It Up”: a creative service for artists, organizations, or businesses.


With the help of our staff and volunteers, we'll host a "maker" party at our depot or on site.

Inquire at

Why is there an online store? Why do you charge for crafting kits?? Shouldn’t you be giving this stuff out for free?


    We want ArtsJunktion to be around for a long time and continue to grow with the community. Studies have shown that diversifying the source of income for Non-Profit agencies aids in creating longevity and long term fulfillment of mission statements, something that is very important to us. Additionally, this will help us offset the cost of staffing (which allows us to organize free curbside pick ups for those in need, workshops etc), and purchase additional equipment that we can use for future projects!


What does pay-what-you-can-mean?


     A large portion of our mandate is to support the creative community by providing accessible materials and a creative space; accessibility means that no one should be unable to access our materials and services due to lack of funds. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate in exchange for items and services, remember that by doing so you aren’t just supporting ArtsJunktion, you’re supporting the community at large!


Why don’t you take X item? Where can I take it??


   Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity or resources to turn every item into an upcycled art masterpiece (yet!), but for now, for a full list of recycling resources see the WasteWise site!

How much can I donate?


    We appreciate your donations so much! Our capacity fluctuates over time, but we kindly ask if it's more than about 3 boxes worth of donations, please call or email to ask if we can accept it at this time.  204-942-5865,


Do I need an appointment to donate?


    To make sure we have the capacity and staffing to accept your donation, please reach out to us to make an appointment. We want to stay as organized as we can to meet our mandate. Thanks for helping us serve the community with your donations.


How much should I take without paying?


    We want to support not just one person, but the entire community, so be mindful of other community members when deciding how much of an item you’re going to take! If you’re able to offset the cost of an item, it will help us replace those resources to give right back into the community. 


What is creative re-use?


    Creative re-use is known as “upcycling” or repurposing, adding creativity to an already manufactured item and creating a new function. We value using creative re-use in our crafting kits and programming which align with our values and environmental awareness and sustainable art practices. Transforming by-products, waste materials, useless or unwanted materials or unwanted products into new materials or products better quality or for better environmental value

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