Tool lending Library

ArtsJunktion's Tool Lending Library is dedicated to the memory of Gerhard Weibe, a long-time ArtsJunktion supporter and volunteer.


Our Tool Lending Library is now open! Borrow dozens of arts, crafts, and hand tools to use in your home, workplace, and studio. By joining our Tool Lending Library, you will have access to every-day and specialty tools including a button-making machine, painting supplies, drills, saws, portable kiln, screen printing, clay tools, sewing machines, typewriters and more! And it's so simple: purchase a membership (starting at $30/year) and start borrowing tools!

benefits of our tool lending library


Save money by borrowing what you need when you need it. Don't spend the money on a one-time tool, borrow it from our library! Our memberships start at $30/year with the intent to promote communal ownership and investment in art and making.


Avoid clutter in your home and have space for what really matters. There's no need to store a one-time use tool, we have everything you need to finish that project and will clean, store and organize it for you!

build community

Belonging to our Tool Lending Library gives you the opportunity to get to know your neighbourhood and community members. You can discuss projects together, help each other out, and form new friendships. Plus, members will have exclusive access to special workshops! 


This is also a means for artists, makers, and DIYers to gather and share tips, ideas, and community. We will also be hosting workshops to expand your knowledge on various art skills, crafting techniques, and tool use. 

social enterprise

By becoming a member, not only to you have access to tools, resources and networks, you are also supporting the ongoing work of ArtsJunktion. More members means more workshops, more pay-what-you-can supplies, more support for our community, and more making!


Reduce your consumption and impact on the environment! Sharing tools reduces the number of tools that need to be made and sold each year, and therefore the amount of energy and natural resources used to produce them. All tools have been donated or are durable items, meant to last for years. 

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Membership information

the Dabbler


If you're new to DIY, crafting or art, and want to experiment with different tools without too much of a commitment, then this membership is for you!  Membership includes access to all tools and a one-week lending period. Supplies/incidental fees not included.

The savvy somebody


Do you get really into your projects and want access to all the tools for longer? Membership includes two-week lending period, one free workshop, and a free tool tote. Supplies/incidental fees not included.

the wondermaker


This membership is for the project boss. There's no supply or incidental fees, two free workshops, free tool renewal for up to 2 additional weeks, 2 free tickets to our fall social, and our free tool tote. It's everything you want/need!


Contact ArtsJunktion to sign up today!